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How do I attach or submit a file to my instructor?

Last Updated: May 27, 2016 08:14AM CDT
Many different avenues to answer this question... skip ahead and around as needed.


Save the file to your computer or removable storage device (flash drive). Make sure you save the file to the directory (folder) that you really want the file in. Create folders for each course to help organize your materials. Avoid saving everything to a generic Documents location or to (*gasp*) the Desktop (unless this is just a temporary save on a public or college computer).

Save a Google Drive Document

Google documents are typically saved in the cloud. So it is necessary to save them to your computer before moving to step 2. Open the Google document and click the File menu. Choose Download as... Microsoft Word (.docx) (unless your instructor has specifically requested another file type). Make sure to then choose the specific directory (folder) for your file so you can locate it later on your computer in step 2.

Save a Word File

If you've just typed up your document in Word, you still need to save it first in order to submit the file. Click the File menu on the Ribbon and choose "Save as..." Again, be sure to choose the appropriate directory (folder) for your file so you know where to find it in step 2. Also be sure to give your file a specific name, consider including part of the assignment title, your name, and draft number in the title. Avoid all punctuation in titles - use only numbers and letters.

Save a Pages File

Mac OSX users might be familiar with the word processing program Pages. If you save and submit a .pages file to your instructor, they might have difficulty opening your file. For this reason, save your file as a DOCX or RTF file from within the Pages program. Click the File menu inside Pages, choose Export to > Word... Click the Next button, choose the appropriate directory and save.

(A video for step 1)


Upload the document you saved in Step 1. Just how you do this depends on which tool is required for submission of the document. Below are the three most commonly used tools with attachments in Talon.

Dropbox Assignments

A dropbox assignment will usually contain instructions, and then a place to upload your submission. You can drag and drop a file from your computer into the dotted box in the submission area. Or you can click the Upload button. Choose the file to upload, (comments are optional), and finally click the Submit button.


After navigating to the discussion topic and clicking the Start a New Thread button (or the Reply button if you are replying to someone else's thread), enter your post title, post message and scroll down to find the Add attachment link. Click "Add attachments" link to expose the upload box/button. Drag and drop your file into the dash-lined box or click the Upload button. If you use the Upload button, you will need to choose the directory the file was saved in and open the file. Finally click the Post button to submit the new thread/reply along with your attachment.


While rarely used for the submission of assignments, you can attach files to a message and send this to your instructor/peer. After you have the recipient entered/chosen, the subject and message filled out, scroll down to find the Attachment section. You can drag and drop the file into the dash-lined box, or click the Upload button > locate the file and double-click to open. 

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